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Messages Upon Request 3501-3762

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3501 SM021416 Prophecy: The gods Of The Ancient World Were Called Demons And Geniis (Ancestor Worship)- There Is No Such Thing As “Demons”- Israel Was “Scattered” For Worshiping These Imaginary Beings
3502 SN021416 Statement Of Faith, Part 34: Northern Israel Was Confused With A Mixture Of Assyrian Pagan Worship, Southern Israel (Judah) With The Word Twisted By The Pharisees- Women Pastors And Preachers Is A Confusion Of Tongues- Tongues Preach The Resurrection (The Gospel)
3503 WN021716 Inheritance: Why Predestination Should Be Taught – It Is A Comfort To Believers
3504 SM022116 Prophecy: gods of the Ancient World- Demons, Genies, Fairies, Vampires (Men Love Darkness Rather Than Light)- Back To Their Abode By Dawn- They Had A Common Beginning- Nimrod At Babylon- The gods Israel Served- Scattered
3505 SN022116 Statement Of Faith, Part 35: Confusion Of Tongues- Preachers Are Blaspheming The Holy Ghost By Preaching Flattering Words
3506 SM022816 Prophecy: Demons, Genies, Fairies Are All The Same- They Are the gods Israel Served Under Other Names (Baal, Grove, Chemosh, Molech, Etc.)- This Is The Reason God Scattered Israel- “Possessed With Devils (Daimonion)” Means To Be Insane
3507 SN022816 Statement Of Faith, Part 36: There Is A “Confusion Of Tongues” In The Pulpits Because Preachers Are Too Lazy To Study- Blasphemy, Flattery And Froward- They Have No “Extra-Biblical Information”- Building Houses, Sheep, Pleiades And Orion
3508 WN030216 Predestination: God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved – What This Means- “God Does Not Love Everybody”- Vessels Of Wrath Fitted To Destruction- “Born To Be Destroyed” In Hell
3509 SM030616 Prophecy: Animism- The Study Of Light And Dark Fairies And Demons- The gods That Israel Served- “Enchanted Ladies” Eve And Lilith (Adam's 2nd Wife)- Moonstruck Vampires, Werewolves, Arthurian Legend (Sun And Tree)- This Kind- Prayer And Fasting
3510 SN030616 Statement Of Faith, Part 37: Confusion Of Tongues Of Acts 2 And I Cor. 14- No Women Preachers- Divorce- Halakah, The Tradition Of The Pharisees- 'It Hath Been Said.. But I Say'
3511 WN030916 Predestination: God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved (Part 2)- Jesus Is The Saviour Of “All Men”
3512 WN031616 Predestination: God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved (Part 3)- “God Does Not Love Everybody”- The Gentile Church Is The “All Men”- The 3 Feasts- Tongues- 70 Weeks
3513 SM032016 Prophecy: The Bible Is An Equation- “Casting Out Devils” By The Spirit, The Word- By The Finger Of God Written On Fleshy Tables Of The Heart- Demons Are Not Fallen Angels (Demons Series)
3514 WN032316 Inheritance: Predestination- God's Holy Heresy (Horizo- Boundary)- Holy Heretic- “To Choose For Oneself” Is What It Meant 2,000 Years Ago
3515 SM032716 Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras – They Are Sun And Tree Worship, In Different Cultures- They Are Paganism- They Are The Same
3516 SN032716 Statement Of Faith, Part 38: A Confusion Of Tongues- “Another Jesus” Is Satan – He Opposes The Real Jesus- Baptism, Confess Christ, Sinner's Prayer- Preachers Are Too Lazy To Study
3517 WN033016 Predestination: God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved (Part 4)- The Gentile Church- “The Mystery”- From Darkness To Light- Resurrection, The Gospel
3518 SM040316 Prophecy: There Is No Such Thing As “Demons”- Daimonion- Distribute Fortunes- Diabolos- Lead Astray- False Accuser- Demons Are “Self”- Man Of The Gadarenes- gods In The Ancient World
3519 SN040316 Statement Of Faith, Part 39: Confusion Of Tongues- There Is No Such Thing As “Pentecostal” Tongues- The Historical And Grammatical Documentation Of Tongues- The Whole Story And What They Mean- Scattering Israel And The 3 Festivals (Pilgrimages)
3520 WN040616 Predestinated (Prohorizo) To Separate (Aphorizo) From The World
3521 SM041016 Cast Out Demons- The Mystery Religions- Demons Were god-men Ancestors- There Is No Such Thing As “Demons”- Writing On Fleshy Tables Of The Heart Casts Them Out, Then The Kingdom Comes In Us
3522 SN041016 Confusion Of Tongues, Part 6: Preachers In America Preach A “Froward” Gospel- Twisted, Distorted, Perverted Words- No Definition
3523 WN041316 Predestination: Jesus The Emperor (King) Issues “Imperative Commands”- No Choice Or Righteous Will Until After We Are Born Again- In The Day Of His Power- Inner And Outer Man
3524 SM041716 “Cast Out Devils” Means New Birth Into The Kingdom (New Birth)- Dry Places- The Scapegoat- Leaving Basic Principles- Faith Grows
3525 SN041716 Statement Of Faith, Part 41: Studying Details In The Bible- Things Most People Are Unfamiliar With In The Word Of God
3526 SM042416 Casting Out The Strong Man (Demons), Self- “Bones” (Strength)- Walking In Dry Places (No Living Water, Holy Spirit)- 7 Times Worse- No Growth
3527 SN042416 Statement Of Faith, Part 42: Bill Of Divorce And Remarriage- God's Approval- Halakah And Haggadah- Preachers Who Condemn Know Nothing
3528 WN042716 Predestination: “Like Jesus” Chapters In The New Testament – Matthew 5, Romans 12, II Corinthians 4, Galatians 5, Philippians 2, Ephesians 4, Colossians 3
3529 SM050116 Sons Of God Marrying Daughters Of Men Is Not Fallen Angels- It Is Truth Marrying A Lie
3530 SN050116 Statement Of Faith, Part 43: Defining All Words And The Culture Of The 1st Century- Prosper Is Not Money, It Is Tribulation- Health Is Not Physical, It Is The Uncorrupt Word Of God
3531 WN050416 Predestination: Like Jesus- Salt- Sodium Chloride (NACI)- Add 7 To 1 Faith (Foundation)- Stabilize Election (Favored)- Science In The Bible- Do Not Oppress Poor In Spirit
3532 SM050816 America Is Insane – (Which Mother Do You Obey?)
3533 SN050816 Statement Of Faith, Part 44: American Preachers Are Twisted, Like The Pharisees (Halakah/Traditions)
3534 SM051516 American Preachers Are “Insane”- They Are Irrational- No “Sound” Doctrine
3535 SN051516 Statement Of Faith, Part 45: The Halakah Of The Pharisees Is The Same As Traditions Of Preachers In 21st Century America
3536 WN051816 Predestination, Faith, Daily Cross, The Narrow Way, Baptism, Tribulation And Self Denial Is The Only Way To Heaven
3537 SM052216 “Insane” Preachers In America Are Irrational And Cannot Analyze The Time Element Of The Rapture When The Bible Plainly States It (Last Trump)- Abomination Of Desolation
3538 SN052216 The Story Of How The Pharisees Came About From The Babylonian Synagogue, The Oral Law (Halakah), Written Commentary (Haggadah), Why Jesus Confronted Them, Why They Killed Him
3539 WN052516 Spiritual Sabbath Is Every Day- Resting In Everything That God Is Doing- Believing God (Part 1)
3540 SM052916 Casting Out Devils- The Finger Of God- The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like..- Mustard Seed
3541 SN052916 The Synagogue- The Doctrine- Perversion- Jesus And The Pharisees- Halakah
3542 WN060116 Spiritual Sabbath (Part 2)- God Is Working All Things (Good And Evil) For The Good Of The Elect- The Provocation In The Wilderness (Numbers)
3543 SM060516 Preachers In America (Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, Benny Hinn, Etc.) Are All Insane – No Rational Thinking, No “Sound” Doctrine- Compromising For What Make Them Feel Good- They Are Deranged
3544 SN060516 Origin Of The Pharisees- The Rabbis Of The Babylonian Synagogue- The Verbal Law (Halakah) – Froward, Twisted, Distorted Doctrine (Just Like Preachers In The 21st Century)
3545 WN060816 Predestination: When Faith Increases, Your Sabbath (Rest) Increases
3546 SM061216 The Story Of Demons – How They Are Cast Out- The End Result
3547 SN061216 Statement Of Faith: How To Study The Bible- The Books And Subjects
3548 WN061516 Predestination: The Provocation- Hebrews 3 & 4- The Wilderness (Numbers)- Romans 7 & 8- Groaning- The Inner And Outer Man- The Spiritual Sabbath
3549 SM061916 Things We Believe: Predestination- Baptism
3550 SN061916 More Of What We Believe- Answers For Revelation Are Found In Old Testament- Throne Of God (Ark Of Covenant)- 7 Candlesticks- Eyes Of The Lord
3551 WN062216 Everything In The Bible Is About Predestination And The Sabbath
3552 SM062616 Spiritual Drunkenness- Insanity- Lukewarm Mingling With The World- Truth Marrying A Lie- Mixing Opinion With God's Word- Pure- Separating From People Who Walk Disorderly
3553 SN062616 Statement Of Faith: We Believe The Word Of God- Definition- Halakah Of The Babylonian Rabbis- Perversion Of God's Word- Westcott & Hort Text- Preachers Twisting God's Word In America
3554 WN062916 Predestination: Sabbath- The Old Testament Shadows (Rituals) Blotted Out- The New Testament Very Image Is The Real Thing
3555 SM070316 Truth About America- Democracy And Capitalism Are Evil- We Need The Theocracy- No Mixed Religion- 2nd Born Abel Gets The Inheritance- The King From Judah- Tamar Seduces Judah To Retain The Lineage
3556 SN070316 Statement Of Faith: “The Tithe,” Part 1
3557 WN070616 Predestination: Why You Cannot Pray A Sinner's Prayer Or Accept Christ Until After You Are Born Again By The Will Of God- Accepting All That God Is Doing (Which Is Everything) Leads To Rest In The Spiritual Sabbath
3558 SM071016 America Is Drunk And Insane- Sons Of God- Daughters Of Men- Truth Marries A Lie- Wines Of The Bible
3559 SN071016 Statement Of Faith: “The Tithe,” Part 2- Seeing The Whole Picture Of The Bible
3560 WN071316 Predestination: What You “Do” Is What You Believe- What You Believe Is What You “Do”
3561 SM071716 Spiritual Drunkenness Is Insanity- Preachers In America Are Insane With No Ability To Be Rational- Jehoshaphat And Ahab- Truth Marries A Lie Leads To The Apostasy In Israel
3562 SN071716 Statement Of Faith: What We Believe- Preachers Are Blinded By Traditions In The Church- Baptism, Tongues, Christmas And Other Traditions
3563 WN072016 Predestination: The Provocation- The Shadow Is Israel In The Wilderness- The Very Image Is The Church In The New Testament Age Undergoing Trials, Killing Off The Outer Man (Unbelief)
3564 SM072416 Demons And Geniis Are The Same As Vampires And Werewolves- Moonstruck- It All Began At Babylon- Man's Problem Is Himself (Sin), Not Imaginary Demons
3565 SN072416 Statement Of Faith: The Tithe Is Carnal (I Cor. 9:9-14)- The Benevolent Chapters (II Cor. 8 & 9)- The Cheerful Giver To The Poor
3566 WN072716 Predestination: Resting In All That God Is Doing- Israel And The Church
3567 SM073116 Thomas Jefferson Founded America On The Doctrine Of “Good” Demons (Eudaimonism)- Tutelary gods- Utilitarianism- “Happiness” For The Most People (Not The Few)
3568 SN073116 Statement Of Faith: Mount Zion, Heavenly Jerusalem (The Church), Spiritual Israel, Coming Down From God Out Of Heaven- Predestination And Tithe
3569 WN080316 Predestination: Mortify (Kill Off) The Outer Man, Put On (Sink Into Clothing) The New Man- Romans 7- II Corinthians 4- Colossians 3- Ephesians 4
3570 SM080716 Adam's Family Is Israel- Preachers Do Not Know What Things Mean In The Bible- No Greek Definition
3571 SN080716 Statement Of Faith: Dispensationalism- 70 Weeks Of Daniel- Anointing The Most Holy- Last Trump
3572 WN081016 Predestination Is The Only Way To Heaven- Entering Into The Spiritual Sabbath Believing That God Is Doing Everything- Provoking God To Kill All Unbelief In Our Lives- Evil Men Are Swords- Numbers 11
3573 SM081416 One Truth Plus One Lie Equals “A Whole Lie”- It Makes A Believer Unclean
3574 SN081416 God Only Loves Israel And No One Else (Not Many Mighty)- The Base Thing – The World, The Poor And Crushed – Is Who Jesus Came To- Oppressing The Poor Stirs The Rage Of God
3575 WN081716 Predestination: Every Word Of The Bible Is Tied To Every Other Word- Forgiveness, Light And Darkness, Prison- Christmas, Halloween, Easter And More
3576 SM082116 Preachers In America Are Spiritually Blind, Crazy, And Drunk- They Know Nothing About Spiritual Passover
3577 SN082116 Statement Of Faith: What We Believe- Prove Scripture With Other Scripture- Uzza Touched The Ark- God Killed Him- Men Think The Laws Of God Are Not That Important – They Are Wrong
3578 WN082416 Predestination: Resting In God's Sabbath In Tribulation, Trials, Persecution- God Is Leading- We Follow God Even When We Don't Know Where We Are Going
3579 SM082816 The Long Range Effect Of Evil Association (Mixing With A Lie)- Jehoshaphat And Ahab
3580 SN082816 Statement Of Faith: We Do Not Believe Preterist Doctrine- 70 A.D. Has Nothing To Do With Christ's 2nd Coming
3581 WN083116 Predestination: Jacob Is Israel- The Mystery Hidden Through The Ages- Gentile Elect- Fellow-heirs With The Jews And Of The Same Body (Church)
3582 SM090416 The Long Range Effect Of Evil Association (Part 2)- Not Keeping The Commandments Of God Results In Complete Destruction- Ahab, Jezebel, Athaliah, Jehoshaphat, Elijah, Etc.
3583 SN090416 Statement Of Faith: We Believe The Church Is Spiritual Israel From The Foundation Of The World- Paul, Peter And James Call For The Ceasing Of Proselyte Water Washing And Circumcision
3584 WN090716 “Numbers” And Paul's Writings Say The Same Things- “Separating From Bodily Fluids”- Spittle (Spit) And Dirt Makes One To See
3585 SM091116 Israel Begins Marrying Truth With A Lie (Solomon And Ahab) Establishing Baal And Grove As The National god And goddess In Israel
3586 SN091116 Israel Is The Church- Jesus, The God Of The Old Testament Is King Of The Jews (The Church)
3587 WN091416 Predestination: The Will Of God Is Being Done- He Doesn't Need Our Anger To Help With His Will- Rest In Everything
3588 SM091816 The Beast – Babylonian Lion, Persian Bear, Grecian Leopard, Roman Iron Teeth
3589 SN091816 Hebrews And Revelation- Jewish Books- Shadows And Images- The Church Is The 7 Jewish Candlesticks
3590 WN092116 Predestination: God Arranges Every Man's “Thinking” – Good And Bad
3591 SM092515 A Good King (Jehoshaphat) Associating With An Unrighteous King (Ahab) Brought About The Downfall Of Israel For 2,600 Years (Watch Who You Run With)
3592 SN092515 Hebrews And Revelation Are Jewish Books- The 7 Churches Of Asia Are The 7 Jewish Candlesticks- The 7 Jewish Candlesticks Are The Eyes Of The Lord (Metaphoric Language)
3593 WN092816 Predestination: Divorce Is Biblically Legal (Deut 24)- Faith (The Car), Love/Agape (The Motor)- Kosmos And Its Derivatives- Biblios (Writing) A Mistake Of The Translators (Apostasion)- “Long Hair”, Head Covering And Its Meaning (I Cor 11 – Adorn)
3594 SM100216 The Story Of Christmas And The History Of Israel Are One And The Same
3595 SN100216 Hebrews And Revelation: The 7 Candlesticks- The Eyes Of The Lord- The 7 Churches- The Two Olive Trees- The Two Witnesses- The Priest And King (The Two Anointed Ones)- Fire From The Mouth Of The Two Witnesses Is The Word Of God
3596 WN100516 Predestination: God Has Created All Sin, All Evil, All Righteousness To Happen With An Exact Timing, And God Is Righteous In Everything He Is Doing
3597 SM100916 Compromise Brings Long Range Bad Effects In Our Lives- Separating From The World Who Lives Wrong (Walking Disorderly)- Ahab Pays For Killing Naboth By A Calculus Equation That God Performs On The Battlefield
3598 SN100916 Hebrews And Revelation: 7 Candlesticks, The Eyes Of The Lord, The 7 Churches- The Olive Oil Is The Holy Spirit (7 Angels) In The Candlesticks- The Church Is The Candlesticks- “Wrath”- Different Words And Gender In I Thess. 5:9 And Rev. 16:1
3599 WN101216 Predestination: Joseph In Egypt Accepts The Will Of God Without Question- Israel In The Wilderness Argues With God All The Way- The Unbelievers Die In The 40 Years- Our Outer Man Must Die (Sabbath)
3600 SM101616 Adam's Family Is Israel- God Fulfills “The Still Small Voice” In Hazael, Jehu And Elisha Destroying The Family Of Ahab, Jezebel And Athaliah
3601 SN101616 Biblical Science, Biology And Chemistry- The Eyes Of The Lord- 7 Candlesticks- 7 Churches- Structure Of The Human Eye- Chariot Wheels And The Iris Of The Eye
3602 WN101916 Predestination: You Must Be Hated, Reproached (Infamous), Separate From The World, Bearing A Daily Cross, People Saying All Manner Of Evil Against You – All This In Order To Go To Heaven When You Die
3603 SM102316 “Separate” From Men Who Do Not Walk In God's Commandments- Jehoshaphat (Righteous) And Ahab (Unrighteous)
3604 SN102316 Hebrews And Revelation: The 7 Candlesticks Are The 7 Churches- The 7 Trumpets Are The 7 Voices Announcing 7 Judgments- The 2 Olive Trees- The 2 Witnesses (Priest And King)- Testifying To The Destruction Of The Mountain Of Babylon Burning
3605 WN102616 The “Way” Through The Wilderness Is The “Narrow Way” – Tribulation Is A Necessity- No Way But Jesus- Murmuring About God's Instruction (His Way) Is Rebellion
3606 SM103016 The Boundary Of “The Beast”- Who You Worship Is Your God- The Beast (tō thērion) Is Neuter Gender- The Beast Is An “It”, Not A Man- 7 Heads- 7 Mountains (Capitol Cities)- One Is Wounded To Death And Is Healed
3607 SN103016 The 4 Judgments- The 4 Horsemen Of The Apokalupsis- 7 Stars In The Right Hand Is The Little Book- Written On Fleshy Tables Of The Heart- Hebrews 9:8, The Key To Understanding Hebrews
3608 WN110216 Predestination: God Plans All Good And Evil- Unbelief Keeps Rebellion From “The Rest” Of God- God Gives Surviving Israel Laws To Keep Arriving In “The Land” (Numbers 15)- Presumptuous Sin, Sins Of Ignorance- Sweet Smelling Savour (Timothy And Epaphroditus)
3609 SM110616 The Young And Restless In Israel- God Kills Ahab- Athaliah Marries Jehoram (Son Of Jehoshaphat)- God Commissions Elijah (Elisha) To Anoint Jehu So He Can Kill The 70 Sons Of Ahab And Jezebel
3610 SN110616 Hebrews And Revelation: Jewish Books- The 1st And 2nd Covenant- No Way Into Holiest While The 1st Was Standing- 7 Candlesticks (Rev. 1)- The Olive Tree- Priest And King, The Two Witnesses- 10 Horns- Strength Of The Beast Is Samaria (10 Northern Tribes)- Harlot Burned With Fire
3611 WN110916 Predestination: God Has Ordained All Evil For Our Good- God Has Predetermined The Timing Of All Things- The Battle Is Not For The Strong- It Is Not Your Battle, But God's- Rest In All Things (II Chron. 20)
3612 SM111316 Prophecy: All Are Part Of The Same Picture- Ahab And Jezebel- Christmas- 70 Weeks Of Daniel (Scattering Israel)- Tongues (Dialect And Glossa)- 3 Feasts- Pouring Spirit (Truth) To All Flesh (All Men/The Gentiles)
3613 SN111316 The Answer To The Book Of Revelation Is The Old Testament- Locusts Are Scorpions (False Teachers)- 7 Candlesticks Are The Eyes Of The Lord (7 Churches)- Bottomless Pit Is A Place Of No Knowledge, Etc.
3614 WN111616 Predestination: The Battle Belongs To The Lord – Rest!
3615 SM112016 The Image Of Nebuchadnezzar Is The Same As The Beast- Legs Of Iron (Rome)- Iron Teeth- Scorpions With Breastplates Of Iron- Iron, The Strongest Metal
3616 SN112016 The Euphrates Drying Up Is Our Economy Drying Up At The End Of Time
3617 WN112316 Predestination: American Thanksgiving Is From Pagan Origins- Believers Are To Be Thankful For Everything (Both Good And Evil) Every Day
3618 SM112716 Christmas Is Pagan- Constantine Brings It Into The Church
3619 SN112716 Drying Of The Euphrates- Collapse Of The Economy- Famine End Of Time (Part 2)
3620 WN113016 Purpose Of Repeating The Timeline Of Scripture – To Learn- Numbers 16- Korah, The Son Of Izhar- Judgment When Assuming To Rebel Against God's Instruction
3621 SM120416 The Timeline Of The Bible- The Way To Learn- Manasseh, The Most Evil King Of Israel- God Saves Him- Josiah, One Of The Most Righteous Kings- The Greatest Revival In The Bible
3622 SN120416 The Euphrates Dried Up- Famine- Economy- Cyrus Delivers Israel- Jesus Delivers The Christians
3623 WN120716 Predestination: Water Baptism And Other Rituals Lead Into Captivity- Jesus Is Not Lord When You Follow Rituals- True Baptism Is Blood, Not Water
3624 SM121116 Predestination And Christmas- God Ordained Ahab, Jezebel, And Athaliah To Do Evil In Order To Bring Salvation To The Gentiles- God Creates Evil
3625 SN121116 The Coming Of The Lord- Eyes As A Flame Of Fire- Jesus Taking Vengeance- Destroying The Unbelieving World By The Brightness Of His Coming- Gog And Magog
3626 WN121416 The Only True Baptism Is Blood (Death To Self)- The Water Has Been Nailed To The Cross- We Are Sprinkled With Blood- The “Way” Into The Holiest
3627 SM121816 A Merry (Foolish, No Thinking) ChristMass (Cannibalism)- The Beast Rises Out Of The (Mediterranean) Sea- The Bottomless Pit (Abussos – Place Of No Knowledge)- The 10 Horns Are The 10 Northern Tribes
3628 SN121816 The 7 Candlesticks, The Church- 7 Stars, 7 Spirits, The Oil (Holy Spirit), 7 Angels (Messengers) Inside The Candlesticks, Two Witnesses, Bind And Loose, Priest And King, Two Olive Trees- “Ask” Is A Condition
3629 WN122116 Baptisms Of The Bible- The Only One Left Is Blood- Blot Out- Nailed To Cross- Light From The Ancient East
3630 SM122516 I Hate Christmas- I Love Jesus
3631 SN122516 Who Are The Two Witnesses? Who Are The 144,000? “They Are”...
3632 WN122816 The Gospel Is “The Way”- Baptism Of Repentance Is “The Way”- The Gentiles (Spirits In Prison) Coming From Darkness (Prison) To The Light- The One Baptism Is Spirit – No More Rituals
3633 SM010117 Signs Of The End Of Time
3634 SN010117 Two Witnesses- Conscience- Self Must Die- Bind And Loose- Westcott & Hort Verses The Textus Receptus
3635 WN010417 Predestination: Faith Works (Galatians 5:6)
3636 SM010817 “As The World Turns” In Israel – Murder, Rape, Pillaging- That's Just David's Family- Then There Is Ahab And Jezebel, The Most Evil To Ever Invade Israel
3637 WN011117 Predestination: What Is Faith And What Does It “Do”?
3638 SM011517 The Kings Of Israel, The Beginning Of Their Fall- Rehoboam Takes Bad Advice- Jeroboam Introduces Golden Calf To Israel
3639 SN011517 Why I Hate Pentecostalism And Charismatic Doctrine -- It Is A Worldwide Lie
3640 WN011817 Predestination: Increasing Faith- Extolling Paul Instead Of Condemning Him- Adding To Faith- Fruit (Singular) Of The Spirit- Characteristics Of Agape (Charity)- (Faith Works By Love, Part 3)
3641 SM012217 History Of Israel: What The Kings Of Israel Did During Their Kingdom Produced Pagan Christmas, The 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Tongues And The Wars With The Arab Nations- Independence War Of May 14, 1948 And The 1957 Sinai War
3642 SN012217 The 7 Candlesticks, The Two Witnesses, The Two Olive Trees, The Church- Removing Candlesticks- The Eyes Of The Lord- The Priest And King Binding And Loosing The Amazing Law Of Biblical Algebra
3643 WN012517 Predestination: Faith Works- Faith Speaks- Faith Confesses (In Obedience)- The Character Of Agape
3644 SM012917 History: Athaliah, The Daughter From Hell Made In The Image Of Her Mother, Jezebel- Treachery Incarnate
3645 SN012917 Two Witnesses: Two Olive Trees- The Eyes Of The Lord And The Seven Churches Are The Seven Candlesticks- Structure Of The Human Eye- Add Seven To Stabilize Faith And Salt- Seven Is Refinement
3646 WN020117 Faith (Death To Self) Worketh By Love (Part 3)- Love/Agape (Walking In God's Commandments) Edifies (Builds The House Of God)- We Are God's House
3647 SM020517 Bible History Is Prophecy
3648 SN020517 Two Witnesses: The Church Is The Priest And King- It Is The Two Anointed Ones- False Witnesses Must Die- Righteous Men Can Have Evil Children- Aaron, Eli, Samuel
3649 WN020817 The Bible Teaches “Confess” Or “Deny” On Every Subject
3650 SM021217 History: Valentine (Lupercalia) Is The Same As Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Also Christmas, Easter And Halloween- Looking To The Big Dipper (Swastika) In Spring
3651 SN021217 The Two Witnesses Is The Inner Man And The Outer Man “Seeing Together” (Good Conscience) That Self Must Die Daily On A Cross, Proving That The Johannine Comma (1 John 5:7), The Trinity Is True
3652 WN021517 Predestinated To The “Narrow” Way
3653 SM021917 History: Chart Of Old Testament- King Of Israel Actions Lead To Israel Carried Away By The Beast
3654 SN021917 How I Study- Textus Receptus Vs. Westcott & Hort Texts- Studying Church Fathers- Recommended Historians- “Calling Things That Be Not As Though They Were” Is Raising The Dead- The Charismatic- Repeated Words And Phrases
3655 WN022217 Predestination: The Daily Cross, Persecution, Affliction And Tribulation Is The “Narrow Way” That Men Hate
3656 SM022617 End Of Time Signs: Sword, Wars, Famine, Economy, Natural Disasters, Pestilence, Sickness, Beast Ruling World, Extinction In World Of Man
3657 SN022617 Revelation 11- Two Witnesses Is The Church- Fire From The Mouth- Bottomless Pit- Beast, Scorpions, Satan Bound- Two Witnesses Lie In Streets 3½ Days- Revelation 9, 11, 13
3658 SM030517 Sign Of The End – Apostasy (All Of The False Doctrines In Churches In America, e.g., Water Baptism, Faith Healing, Tongues, Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer, Slain In The Spirit, Free Will, Pretrib Rapture, Millennium)
3659 SN030517 The Two Witnesses: The Two Olive Trees, The Priest And King, The Church- The 7 Stars (Pleiades)- The 7 Angels- 7 Trumpets (Voices)- “Last Trump” (7th Trump), Then Judgment
3660 WN030817 Predestined To Self Denial, Persecution And A Daily Cross- “Why Do You Seek To Kill Me, A Man Who Told You The Truth”
3661 SM031217 History Of Israel & The End Of Time: The 3 Festivals- All Males Coming Back To Jerusalem- Babylonian Synagogue- The Halakah And Haggadah- Twisting The Word Of God- Jesus Confronts The Pharisees/Rabbis In His First Message (Matthew 5)- “It Hath Been Said.. But I Say”- “Who Is My Neighbor”
3662 SN031217 Millennium- Satan Is Forbidden From Deceiving The Nations (Gentile Elect Church) For 2,000 Years
3663 WN031517 Predestination: Why People Leave The Truth – They Hate The “Daily” Cross- Their God Is Their “Belly”
3664 SM031917 Halakah, The Verbal Law (Traditions) Of The Pharisees- The “Get”, The Divorce Decree- A Woman Can Remarry After Divorce- A Mistake Of The Translators In The KJV
3665 SN031917 The Millennium- Binding (Forbidding) Satan For 2,000 Years From Deceiving The “Gentiles” (Nations/The Church) During These Last Days- Thousand (Chilia) Is A Noun, Not An Adjective
3666 WN032217 History: A Review Of Torah (Genesis-Deuteronomy)- Tithe Is Still Here (Part 1)
3667 SM032617 The Pharisees Twisting The Word Of God- The “Halakah”- Perverting God's Word Like The Baptists, Pentecostals, Church Of Christ, Catholics, Etc.
3668 SN032617 “Binding Satan” Is God's Work During The Last 2,000 Years Of Time- It Is The Same As Matthew 12:28, Luke 11:20, Revelation 20:1,2- The Kingdom Of God (The Church) Is Here Now
3669 WN032917 Resting In The Spiritual Sabbath
3670 SM040217 Halakah, Tongues, Baptism And Christmas Are All Tradition (Adding To The Word Of God)
3671 SN040217The Two Witnesses Are The Two Olive Trees, The Two Anointed, The Priest And King (The Church)- They Will Be Killed During The End Of The Tribulation – 1,260 Days, 42 Months, A Time, Times And ½ Of Times, The Last 3½ Years Of The 70th Week Of Daniel
3672 SM040917 Origins Of The Halakah During The 2nd Temple Period- “It Hath Been Said... But I Say”- Jesus Confronts The Scribes And Pharisees On Divorce And Remarriage
3673 SN040917 Binding Satan- Forbidding The Devil From Deceiving The Gentile Church (Rev. 20)- No Pretrib Rapture- 7 Trumpets- Last Trump- No Millennium- End Of 2,000 Years- The Church Attacked In Satan's Little Season At The End Of Time
3674 WN041217 The Tithe Is A New Testament Teaching- The Levites And The Preachers
3675 SM041617 Easter, Christmas, Halloween And Mardi Gras Are All The Same Thing In The Ancient World
3676 SN041617 7 Candlesticks Are The Church- 7 Stars Are The Holy Spirit In The Church- Heavenly Jerusalem- The New Heavens And New Earth
3677 SM042317 Halakah- Can A Man Or Woman Marry After Divorce? – Absolutely, God Said So (Deut. 24:1-3)- Error In A King James Translation That Has Broken Many Hearts- “Bill” Of Divorce
3678 SN042317 The Church Is The Temple Of God- The Layout, Articles And Furniture Of The Temple- They Are The Type (Shadow) Of The Church, God's Spiritual Temple (Revelation And Hebrews)- Throne, Glassy Sea, Etc.
3679 WN042617 Predestination: It's In The Bible – Believe It
3680 SM043017 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is About The Sabbatical Years Of Israel Which They Would Not Keep- Understanding Old Testament In Order To Understand The Bible
3681 SN043017 Difficult Verses- 70 Weeks- “Spirits In Prison”- A Sin Unto Death
3682 WN050317 Predestination: Why People Do Not Believe It – God Has Not Revealed To Them Their Wicked, Evil Hearts- They Do Not Know Who God Is
3683 SM050717 Predestination: Every Believer Must Go The Narrow (Tribulation) Way- It's The Only Way To Heaven
3684 SN050717 Revelation: The 7 Candlesticks- The Church- The 7 Angels- The Preacher (Olive Oil)- Shadows Of The Old Testament, Very Image Of The New
3685 SM051417 Who Is Your Mother – Babylon Or Jerusalem? It All Depends On The Instructions You Obey- The Tree Of Life Is Mother To Those Who Do The Will Of The Father
3686 SN051417 Revelation 5 & 6- The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Began Riding In The Garden Of Eden- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast (The 4 Judgments Of God)- The Little Book- 7 Stars- 7 Spirits (Messengers)- Law Written On Our Hearts- The 4 Beasts (Living Creatures)
3687 SM052117 Predestination: No One Is Going To Heaven Without It- Conforming To His Likeness- Holy, Without Blame, Love (Agape)
3688 SN052117 The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Have Been Riding Since The Garden Of Eden- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast- There Is No Answer (Part 2)
3689 SM052817 Predestination: God Creates Evil For Our Good- The Only One That Man Can Correct Is Himself- The Fault Is Mine- Israel Eats Their Children
3690 SN052817 Revelation: Four Horsemen (Part 2)- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast In The Garden- 4 And 7 (And 12)- Mountains- Horns And Heavens- How To Study Looking At Signs (Pointers) In Revelation- Idioms, Metaphors And Figures Of Speech
3691 WN053117 History: So You Think You Know Everything I Teach- You Accuse Me Of Repeating Myself- Old Testament Questions And Answers- Let's See How Much You Know
3692 SM060417 Predestination: God Brings Evil Upon Us For Our Good (God Creates Evil Series, Part 2)
3693 SN060417 Revelation: 7 Stars Are 7 Angels Sounding 7 Trumpets (Voices)- 7 Trumpets Of The New Moon Feasts- Rituals Will Lead You Into Captivity (Last Trumpet Series, Part 1)
3694 WN060717 History: So You Think You Know Everything I Teach, Part 2- Let's See What You Know About The 70 Weeks Of Daniel
3695 SM061117 Predestination: God Creates Evil To Bring About Righteousness In Our Lives- God Meant The Evil For Good In Joseph's Life (Questions And Answers)- “All Things For Good” By Thomas Watson
3696 SN061117 Revelation: The Beast Is Not A Man, It Is A World Ruling System- Babylonian Lion, Persian Bear, Grecian Leopard, Roman Beast With Iron Teeth- Legs Of Iron, Teeth Of Iron, Scorpions' Breastplates Of Iron- Daniel 7 And Revelation 13
3697 WN061417 History: So You Think You Know Everything I Teach, Part 3- Predestination And The 70 Weeks- Questions And Answers On The 4 Decrees
3698 SM061817 Shocking Truths Of Grace & Truth Ministries, Part 1- Predestination And Christmas
3699 SN061817 Shocking Truths Of Grace & Truth Ministries, Part 2- Communion And Baptism, Not Crackers And Grape Juice Or Water
3700 SM062517 Predestination: “Agonizing” Over Sin Is A Command From God To All The Elect Who Have Ears To Hear
3701 SN062517 Revelation: The 7 Trumpets- No Pretribulation Rapture- “The Last Trump” (Rev. 10:7)- After The Tribulation Of Those Days (Matt. 24:29-31) – Shout! (1 Thess. 4:16)
3702 WN062817 History: Learning To Synthesize The Old And New Testaments- Leviticus Chapters 10-19- The Day Of Atonement, Chapter 16- The Stronger Man (Jesus) Casting Out The Strong Man (Self)- Dry Places- No Living Water (Truth)- 7 Times Worse- Crucify Christ Afresh- Open Shame
3703 SM070217 Predestination: Like Jesus- Grief And Sorrow Without Fire And Trials, You Are Reprobate
3704 WN070517 History: The King And His Prophet- Hezekiah And Isaiah- God Kills 185,000 Assyrian Soldiers
3705 SM070917 Predestination: Reprobate (Living Without Fire And Trials), Part 2- Taking No Stand
3706 SN070917 Revelation: The 7 Stars In The Right Hand Of Christ Are The 7 Angels Of The 7 Churches- Message Equals The Oil In The Candlesticks Which Is The Message From The Mouth Of The Church- 7 Messengers Throughout The Book Of Revelation
3707 WN071217 History: The Sign Of The End Of Time- The Apostasy- The 4 Wars At The End- Israel's Regathering After 2,600 Years Of Captivity
3708 SM071617 Preachers Do Not Know Biblical Meanings Of Words- Reprobate (Part 3)
3709 SN071617 Revelation/Hebrews: The Way Into The Holiest, The House Of God- Keeping The Temple Clean- Robes Of White In The Blood- Clothes Burned
3710 WN071917 History: How To Study The Bible- Phrases And Words That Mean The Same Thing- Daily Cross, Death To Self, Drink The Cup, Self Denial, Blood Baptism- All Flesh, All Men, Gentile Elect- Scatter, Remove, Beast- Scorpions, Locusts- Judgment, Spirit, Truth- Book Of Joel
3711 SM072317 Predestination: “To Be Like Jesus”- You Must “Separate” From People Who Cuss, Drink, Sleep Around, Smoke Pot, Etc.- Stay Away From Preachers And People Who Teach False Doctrine (Rituals, Etc.)- Believers Must Clean Up Their Mouths And Friendships (Lives)
3712 SN072317 Revelation: How To Study Throughout The Bible- The Beast (Babylon) Rises Out Of The (Mediterranean) Sea And Is “Cast Into The Sea” When It Is Destroyed
3713 WN072617 Pentecostal Tongues Is A Lie- Gifts Of An Apostle Is Not True Today- People Hate Me For Revealing These Things- Tongues, Healing, Snake Handling, Raising The Dead
3714 SM073017 Predestination: God Is Creating All The Evil To Cause His Children To Behave And Do Right
3715 WN080217 Kingdom Of God- All Flesh, All Men- The Earth Shall Be Full Of His Knowledge And Glory As Waters That Cover The Sea- God Would Have All Men Be Saved, But Not Every Individual (Synecdoche)
3716 SM080617 Predestination Is Baptism
3717 SN080617 Revelation: Idioms And Metaphors, Signs And Pointers- Revelation 7 Is An Incorrect Numbering For Israel- When You Define Words, It's Not Hard At All
3718 WN080917 The Signs Of The End- Extinction Of Humanity- It May Be Upon Us- “Self” Esteem- “Self” Gratification
3719 SM081317 Predestination Is Baptism, Part 2- No More Proselyte Circumcision Or Baptism
3720 SN081317 Revelation: Sins Of The 7 Churches- Ephesus Had Several False Teachers- The Eternal Flame Of Pergamos- The Olympic Torch
3721 WN081617 The Old Testament And New Testament Shadows Of The Preachers (Priests) Of Leviticus 21- Touching Dead Bodies (Whited Sepulchres) Makes The Believers Unclean- The 2nd Passover Within The Year
3722 SM082017 Predestination Is Baptism, Part 3- Predestination Is Repentance
3723 SN082017 How To Study Details In Scripture- Parts Of Speech- John 3:16 And A Thousand Years
3724 WN082317 History: Moses According To The Bible And Josephus- Moses The General And Prince Of Egypt Married The Ethiopian Princess
3725 SM082717 Predestination Is Baptism, Part 4- The Word Of Reconciliation- We Baptize With Words From Our Mouths
3726 SN082717 Revelation: “Millennium” Is Not A Thousand Years- Context Determines 2,000 Years- 70th Week Split Into 2 Parts (3½ Years, 1,260 Days, 42 Months, 3½ Days, Time, Times And Half A Time)
3727 WN083017 Moses: 400 Years In Egypt- Forbidden To Go Into The Promised Land- The Death Of Moses
3728 SM090317 We Are Saved From Ourselves
3729 SN090317 Keys To The Kingdom
3730 WN090617 Sin Is Transgression (Anomia) Of The Law- Unlawful Food For Sheep
3731 SM091017 Predestination: The “Natural” Man “Receiveth” Not Spiritual Things- You Cannot Accept Christ Until After You Are Born Again
3732 SN091017 Clothed In Blood Baptism- “Put On”, Sink Into Clothing- Watch, Stay Awake Or Clothing Will Be Burned
3733 WN091317 Doing And Eating (The Same Thing)- Law (Nomos), Spiritual Food- Watch What You Eat (Do), You Can Cause Others To Stumble
3734 SM091717 Predestination: Sheep Are Sheep, Goats Are Goats From The Foundation Of The World- Sheep Were Lost Till Jesus Found All Of Them
3735 SN091717 Thousand Years: The 70th Week Of Daniel- 3½ Years, 1,260 Days, 42 Months- Israel's Judgments Because Of Disobedience- Satan Bound For 2,000 Years Forbidden From Deceiving The Gentile Elect Church
3736 WN092017 Shadows And Very Image- Can Divorced Preachers Pastor A Flock – Absolutely!- Jesus Divorced His Wife, Israel And Judah (Jeremiah 3)
3737 SM092417 Predestination: God Is Not Willing That One Of These Little Ones (Sheep) Should Perish- Sheep From The Foundation Of The World
3738 SN092417 Revelation: 70 Weeks, The Decrees, Ezra And Nehemiah- The Last Week- 3½ Years, 1,260 Days- ½ Of 7 Years Of A 360 Day Jewish Calendar- The 70th Week Comes At The End Of Time
3739 WN092717 Studying The Bible, Connecting The Dots- Hitler And Christmas Symbols- No Baptism (Water)- Circumcision- “That Prophet”
3740 SM100117 America Is Living In “Fairyland”- Imagination
3741 SN100117 70 Weeks Of Daniel: Jeremiah, Daniel And Ezekiel- 4 Decrees- 70th Week At The End Of Time
3742 WN100417 What You Eat Is What You Do- Doing Is Confessing (Titus 1:16)- When You Eat (Do) Unlawful (Iniquity) You Cause Your Brothers To Stumble (Pagis, Skandalon, Proskomma)
3743 SM100817 The Swastika Is The Reason For The Season
3744 SN100817 Revelation And The 70 Weeks- Genesis 1 Is Not What Preachers Say- It Did Not Rain For 1,656 Years From Adam To Noah- Daniel 9- 6 Things Must Come About To Fulfill The 70th Week
3745 WN101117 Obey, Do, Eat, Law, Truth, Faith Are All Obeying God- 3 Definitions For Sin- No Obedience, No Salvation- Saved By A Working Faith
3746 SM101517 What We Believe And What We Do Not Believe- We Do Not Believe In Christmas, Pentecostal Tongues Or Any Of The Charismatic Doctrines
3747 SN101517 How To Study Word Definitions- Doubt/Stagger- Diakrino- Calling Things That Be, “Positive Confession”,Faith Healing And The Rest Of Pentecostal/Charismatic Doctrines Are Hell's Gospel Corrupting All The World
3748 WN101817 Hard-Hitting Verses- Peter's Ups And Downs (A Study Of The Life Of Peter)
3749 SM102217 Christmas And The Big Dipper
3750 SN102217 The 70 Weeks: The 1st 2 Decrees (Ezra 1 And Ezra 6)- Tatnai- God's Enemy- Daniel And Lion's Den- The Law Of Medes And Persians Alters Not
3751 WN102517 Confessing And Denying Are Complete Opposites- (A Study Of The Life Of Peter, Part 2)
3752 SM102917 Pagan Christmas Fights Truth- Among Other Facts, Charles Dickens Who Wrote “A Christmas Carol” Was A Racist- He Hated The Great Puritan Ebenezer Erskine- He Wanted To Annihilate All Minorities
3753 SN102917 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Began With The Commandment To Restore And Rebuild Jerusalem- Only Artaxerxes Gave That Commandment In Nehemiah The 2nd Chapter- The Third Decree Was About Supplying The Temple
3754 SM110517 Living For Jesus And Repenting – It's Hard! You Have To Tell Truth And Be Hated For It
3755 SN110517 Israel's History: The Complete Introduction To Beginning The 70 Weeks Of Daniel
3756 SM111917 Introduction To Channukak Through The Narrow Way- Antiochus Epiphanes Defiles The Temple
3757 SN111917 70 Weeks Of Daniel: The Going Forth Of The Commandment To Rebuild Jerusalem- Beginning Of 70 Weeks In Nehemiah Chapter 2- 4th Decree
3758 SM112617 Christmas, Tongues, 70 Weeks, Spirits In Prison, Light And Dark, Predestination, Hannakuk Are All Part Of The Same Picture (All Flesh, All Men, Etc.)
3759 SN112617 70 Weeks Of Daniel: The Laws Of The Medes And Persians Altereth Not- Haman Attacks Israel- Daniel In The Lion's Den- 6 Points Of Daniel 9:24- Anoint The Most Holy
3760 SM120317 Christmas And Related Subjects
3761 SM121017 Confessing (Agreeing With) Christ Is Doing Truth- Denying (Contradicting) Is Antichrist
3762 SM121717 Christmas Is The Sons Of God Marrying The Daughters Of Men (Truth Marrying A Lie)- It Is Everywhere In The World Today